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Pair-fect: a contribuição da medicina


Keeley Hazell

A TOP plastic surgeon knows the secret to perfect boobs — and Page 3 beauty Keeley has the magic formula. Patrick Mallucci studied popular topless models to find out what proportions Keeley shared with other babes. He said: “If you look at someone who has attractive breasts then draw a line horizontally through the nipple you will see there is more breast BELOW the line than above it. The ideal is a 45 to 55 per cent proportion — ie that the nipple sits not at the halfway mark down the breast, but at about 45 per cent from the top — and the nipple is pointing slightly skyward.” Patrick is a founder of Mybreast, the first British plastic surgery provider to specialise solely in boob jobs. He uses his findings to give women new breasts as close as possible to naturally perfect curves like 21-year-old Keeley’s. He added: “All of the models I looked at conformed to these parameters.” Patrick will reveal his secret formula at a breast augmentation conference at London’s Royal College of Surgeons this week. [in The Sun, onde se pode ver uma apresentação visual da teoria]

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De Anónimo a 26.09.2007 às 11:41

Claramente, e com todo o respeito, o melhor par que para aí anda. Dos naturais, claro.

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De António Silva a 23.09.2009 às 21:00

A rapariga além de bela é provocante. E tam razão para isso. Com aquele corpo não era de esperar outra coisa. Eu gosto... Gosto... Goooosto muito.

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